Techsoft is here to stay as a game changer in Big Data related technologies and will act as a one stop solution to the businesses on Hadoop as a Service, by creating a roadmap to Hadoop Implementation, Migration, and Development and provide support to the Talent Management.

Our efforts to deliver right decision at the right time will make the context of reactive decision-making a history through Open Architecture for the modern digital world. We are changing the outlook of Data Driven Enterprises and helping them achieve the values from it. We receive insights never seen before or thought of.

Professional Services:

  • Data Warehouse Migration – Traditional Data Warehouses are facing 2 major shortcomings – Scalability and non-support of unstructured data. Hadoop provides solution to both of these issues and many other ones as well. Techsoft team can help you build a migration plan and execute it for migrating from RDBMS to Hadoop domain. Our data warehouse migration solutions help to extend and enhance your data warehouse infrastructure in a complementary way.
  • Preparing the Hadoop roadmap for the organization – If your organization does not have a Hadoop footprint but keen on utilizing the potential of Hadoop then our team help you build the Hadoop roadmap for the organization which may include enabling existing IT team to learn Hadoop with customized trainings.
  • Develop and deploy a POC on Hadoop – Take an existing requirement of the organization and develop a solution using Hadoop and demonstrate the capabilities and strengths. Proof of Concept capabilities for high performance testing or other metrics.
  • Big data Hadoop Development – Our team can work on developing complete solution as a turnkey solution using Hadoop.
  • Integration of BI tools with Hadoop: Providing a solid Interactive BI platform service is always challenging for the enterprise the adoption of data driven decison making unleashed a surge of business data and rise in user demand to analyse it and provide meaning full insight through BI integration with Data management platform like Hadoop.

Consulting and Analytics Services

  • Techsoft along with each of our ecosystem partners, provide roles-based consulting and IT services based upon the audience’s functional responsibility and their tasks at hand.
  • Techsoft provides data, experience, and capabilities to present best practice designs, metrics, and processes, all with the sustainability of each approach in mind.
  • Techsoft takes an agile, collaborative approach to create customized solutions across the digital value chain. We help businesses assess their current data and analytics ecosystem, develop a data-driven strategy through a time-proven consultative approach and establish industry’s best practices.
  • We provide both broad and deep industry consulting expertise and the ability to tailor best-of-breed technology and solutions to your company’s specific business needs and objectives. We provide deeper Predictive & Prescriptive analytics which will give an impactful outcome across manufacturing portfolio segments in the areas of Banking, Healthcare, Automobile and IT Service Industries.

Training and Coaching Services

  • Today data is being generated in almost every aspect of our lives, in all processes and in all industries. Real Challenge is to extract meaningful information from this data for decision making. At Techsoft, we have designed industry focus courses which will help you to be able to extract useful information from millions of bytes within minutes. At Techsoft, we provide Industry specific analytics training and coaching in Pig & Hive, Spark, R, Python, Hadoop Administration and Security, Hbase , Real-time Analytics, Data Science and Data Analyst, Machine Learning for the industries vertical from Manufacturing, Automobile and IT service Industries.
  • The program consists of classroom training/ corporate training with a specially designed hands-on workshop based on type of industry where you are in so that you can be able to interpret the data and the analysis result. So you will be actually working on the real industry examples rather than just theory.
  • Complimenting to the training and Coaching Services, we also provide Recruitment and Support Services for
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Talent Incubation
    • Talent Deployment

Course Offerings

Data Analyst Track


Hadoop Security


Big Data Engineering using Hadoop

Hadoop Development using Pig and Hive


Realtime Data Analysis using Storm

Hadoop Developer Track


Data Science Track

Hadoop Development using Spark

Hadoop Operations and Administration Track

Hbase Essentials

Hadoop Development using JAVA, MAPREDUCE

Hadoop Administration using Ambari

Introduction to Machine Learning

Redefine The Data Potential